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Name : Ryan Age : 17-18 Country : Singapore  Hobby : Volleyball/Darts Short Description About Yourself : Im a Student studying business, I have been apart of vortex since 2017 and im back this time as a forum manager. Have been this position in many other servers for a pretty long time. You can say Forums is my home, im trying my best to make vortex forums an active place where people can bring up random topics such as , Favourite Games? Favourite Drinks? Favourite Staff Member? This place is for everyone in the community to talk about stuff and of course make friends. If u need someone to talk to , i am your guy.    Side note : ItzMyTurnz, Coolfire and Despawning are smelly
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â–°Vortex Prison Rulesâ–°   Misconduct Description: Misconduct is a rule that is used when a player is punished for doing something that is not part or in the rules yet. However, this is a special rule that staff members would get to decide on whether to be used or not. Punishment: 14-day Tempwarn   Bypassing chat filter Description: This rule takes effect when a player bypasses our chat filters by using variations of words that have been blocked by the filter." Punishment: 14 Day Tempwarn   Chat Spamming Description: This rule takes effect only when a player spam the same exact message repeatedly for more than 3 times." Punishment: 14 Day Tempwarn   Promotion Spam Description: This rule takes effect whenever a player promotes spam by saying things like 'Say 1 for 5 Billion dollars!' Punishment: Tempwarn - 1h Tempmute   Chat Flooding Description: This rule takes effect when a player spams characters like 'I'm chat floooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooding' Punishment: 14 Day Tempwarn   Message Capitalization Description: This rule takes effect when a player types a message in more than 75%% Capitalisation. This rule also only takes effective if its a full message. The player will not be warned for things like “OMG” “GGS DUDE”. The minimum requirement for this rule to be issued out is to have it be more than 2 words or more than 6 characters. Note, all player names are excluded from this. Punishment: 14 Day Tempwarn   Inappropriate Nick Description: This punishment takes effect when a player nicks themselves with inappropriate nicks such as “420EatAss” etc. Nicks should also not consist of more than six & k's. Do give the warning to make them aware of it. If they do not comply, please contact an admin to remove their nick perms. Punishment: 14 Day Tempwarn Repeated Offence: Nick Permission Permanently Removed   Inappropriate Skin Description: This rule will be instigated when a player sets their skin to an inappropriate one, such as a skin that explicitly shows genitals or gore. Be sure to give them a warning first to make sure they are aware of it. If the person is unwilling to remove the skin, an admin will be contacted to remove the skin manually. Punishment: 8-14 day Tempwarn Repeated Offence: 7 Day Tempban     Player/Staff/Server Disrespect Description: This rule takes effect whenever a player disrespects in any one of these categories. Each consisting of their own levels of punishment. Please follow them carefully! Things like “This server is shit” “dumbest fuck I've seen” “Nothin but a useless faggot” are all categorized under this rule. Please do note, constructive criticism is NOT disrespected unless phrased in a negative way with no intention of correcting/apologising. Player/Staff Disrespect Punishment:10-30 Min Tempmute Server Disrespect Punishment: Tempwarn to a Tempban   Hacked Clients/Blacklisted Modifications Description: This rule takes effect when sufficient video evidence is provided to prove the usage of such modifications/hacks. Caught Hacking Punishment: 30 Day Tempban Admitted to Hacking Punishment: 14 Day Tempban   Server Advertisements Description: This rule takes effect when a player Intentionally names a server with the intent of stealing players/advertising. Individuals who relay full IP Addresses in the chat is also counted as a server advertisement. Individuals who name a server without the intent of stealing players/advertising that can potentially be making people aware of a new server they’ve not heard of can be punished with Indirect Advertising. Individuals who casually relays a message about a server they play on to their friends through private messages will not be counted as advertising as well. NOTE, players who intentionally advertise in public chat attempting to persuade players to join (e.g. "Join this for free OP!") will be treated as direct advertising. An Individual who relays practically the same message that includes the intent of stealing players/advertising to a multitude of people in their private messages will be punished under direct advertising as well. Indirect Advertising Punishment: 14 Day Tempwarn Direct Advertising Punishment: Permaban + IpBan   All Types of Threats Description: This rule consists of Death Threats, Suicide Encouragement, Death Wishes, Dox Threats, DDoS Threats & Personal Info Leak Threats. Take note, this also includes “KYS”. Anything related to such threats will go under this punishment. As an example, for death threats, first-time punishment would be a temp warn. The second time would be a 30 minute mute and so on. Death Wishes Punishment: 14d Tempwarn |30m Tempmute |1d Tempban Suicide Encouragement Punishment: 14-day Tempwarn Death Threats Punishment: 3-day Tempban Dox, DDoS, Personal Info Leak Threats Punishment: Permanent Ban + Ip Ban   Staff Impersonation Description: This rule takes effect whenever a player attempts to impersonate a staff member to receive an advantage over others. Attempting to log into staff accounts are also under this rule! Please do report to us if you suspect someone attempting to log into an account without permission. Impersonation Punishment: 15-day Tempban on Main Attempting to hack staff account Punishment: Permanent Ban + Ip Ban   In-Game & IRL Scamming Description: This rule takes effect whenever a player attempts to or scam another player. This rule usually involves requiring absolute evidence of it occurring aka video proof.   Scamming Punishment: 40 day - Permanent Ban IRL Scamming Punishment: Permanent Ban + Ip Ban   Alt Account Abuse Description: This rule takes effect whenever an IP is found via /seen with outrageous accounts that have not already declared any of them as friends coming over for parties and whatnot.   Punishment: Permanent Ban + Ip Ban   Racial Insensitivity/Slurs Description: This rule is to implemented to punish anyone that wishes to be insensitive towards another person due to their race/colour of skin. This includes racial slurs.   Punishment: 1h-24h Tempmute ( Insensitivity ) Punishment: 3d-7d Tempban ( Slurs )   Macros / Auto-clicker Description: The most common macros are usually Fast Placing & Crate Redeeming. Thou, there has been only 1 report so far of someone fast placing throughout the years.   Punishment : 3 Day Ban     Account Sharing Description: This rule is to prevent any unfair advantage that can be gained from allowing more than 1 person progress on the same account.   Punishment: Permanent Ban on the Account   Trading Items for IRL Description: his rule takes effect whenever a player trades in-game items for IRL money. This includes(Trading items for PayPal, premium Minecraft accounts etc.) You are only allowed to trade in-game items for items on our /buy store Punishment: Permanent Ban - (As long as you have been caught trying to / trading for IRL money.)    
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