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I can't join the server. When I try, it says i am already online. I tried refreshing and restarting the game but it still says i'm online. I joined with another account and I wasn't on there so I think it might be a issue with the server itself. I just joined again and got booted offline because of another login.


over 2 years ago
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over 2 years ago

I am really angry right now because I was in my mine (Y) mining using a Blue Vortex Pickaxe (almost maxed out) also wearing armor. For some reason I keep getting kicked but although it was really annoying I never lost any of my items. I just now got kicked again and when I logged back on my inventory is missing. I put on new armor but I couldn't find my Pickaxe anywhere. I looked in all of my PVs and chest thinking I might have stored it in there but it was gone. I also had a full inventory of blocks so storing didn't make sense because I would have had my pickaxe out to sell it. I don't know what happened to my inventory but if you could possibly restore it I would greatly appreciate it. I don't even care about the armor or blocks I just want that pickaxe out because I spent a lot of tokens trying to get it maxed out and I don't want to have to repeat that process again.

over 2 years ago

I think I possibly know the issue to this. The person in the image told me to go to a server and he left the IP. I told him that I would rather play on this server and also told him to stop advertising. He said that it wasn't advertising because it was coolfire's second server. He told me to join because they needed help so I logged off and went to the "second server." When I came back onto the actual VortexPrison server I started to mine and then was kicked. When I rejoined my inventory was missing and I didn't have anything. I rejoined to see if it was just a glitch and then it said this player is already online. This happens to me sometimes when I get booted because of connection problems but I just relaunch the game and I can join back. I think this person might have my password from when I joined the other server because even if I do relaunch the game, I can't join because someone is playing as me. PLEASE HELP!

Image link: https://ibb.co/h7qMf6

over 2 years ago

SOME IS PLAYING AS ME. I joined on my brothers account and there was another person on as seen in the link image below. Thankfully he gave my pickaxe to someone else but he took all of my items. Please ban this person!! I don't have anything now.

Image: https://ibb.co/kAaJtR

Image: https://ibb.co/jRTotR

over 2 years ago
Prestige Bug

I just messaged Coolfire02 on Discord about this but I was Prestige 21 [Free] and had acquired enough to Prestige. I auctioned it off just like I do every other time and then did /prestige. It said my balance was reset to 10,000 and I am currently P21 [A]. I don't know why my prestige didn't go up but I just lost 750 billion so if you could help me out that would be awesome. You can see in the images where I was Prestige 21 and then did /prestige and was still P21. You can also check the logs for further proof.

This is when I was P21 [Free]

This is proof that I prestiged and was still P21 as you can see when I sent a message.

I also have video proof that I did execute the /prestige command and did prestige.

Here is the video proof.


over 2 years ago
RogueVsIPro PvP Event

Welcome to the 2018 PvP Tournament between the newly created gang "Pro" and the veteran gang "Rogue."
-The event will be on February 11th, 2018 at 7pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)

This tournament will be a 6v6 battle that will contain three rounds that each gang will participate in. If there is a unfortunate circumstance where someone can not participate that was listed, please have 2 substitutes that can join if needed. After the event is over, the gang with the most round wins will be declared the winners and will win the prize of 12 million tokens (provided by myself) to split between the 6 players of the gang. The winning team will also get 1.2T to split between the 6 players participating. Anyone is welcome to come and watch but you MUST stay on the PvP platform if you are not participating. If anyone decides to participate that is not listed as the participants, we will kill you without mercy. I hope to see everyone there and good luck to both IPro and Rogue.

-You may ONLY use the 2 Vortex Kits provided during the event. (I will make sure that you get another set of Vortex Kits for each round.)
-You may ONLY bring a maximum of 20 Enchanted Golden Apples.
-If you die you can NOT rejoin the fight during the same round.
-You can NOT use any type of hacked clients.
-Once the fight has started, you may not request to pause the fight. There won't be a reason to.
-Please be respectful to all players participating.
-NO /heal
-You may use /feed.
-NO /fix (I will give you another kit after each round)
-NO Enderpearls
-Have Fun!
Anyone that doesn't abide by these rules will be disqualified from the event and one of the substitutes will take your place.

-Like I said, there will be three rounds that each gang will participate in, the first being a bracket style tournament between the gangs. I will have a bracket set up for the round so please do not argue. Each member participating will do a 1v1 with a participating member of the other gang. After everyone has fought, the gang with the most wins will be declared the winners of that round.

-The second round will be a full on 6v6. All participating members of both gangs will fight all at once. The last gang standing will be declared the winners of that round and will progress in their standings for the event.

-If a winner isn't already decided by the first two rounds, a third and final round will be appointed. The final round will be a special round. Each gang will select 3 of their top players to PvP the opposing gang. This final round will decide the winners of the event and the gang that has won will receive the prizes listed above. If a winner has been decided from the first two rounds, we will appoint the final round as a "What if" and to test the skills of the players selected.

Like I said before I hope to see everyone at the event and good luck to both of the gangs!