Prisons S11 released!
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Update Prisons Season V12.0.0 | Season 12 Patch Notes
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Vortex Network | Prisons Season 12
Season Releases on 23rd October 10:30PM SGT / 10:30AM EST


Season 12 Direction
This season we're trying to introduce better gameplay elements, ones that make sense and provide greater fun for everyone. In previous seasons we focused a lot on adding new features like "New crate types" such as: Hunts, Contrabands etc and it felt repetitive. This season will focus on actual gameplay features

Mid-season updates will come bi-weekly as with gameplay features, they are much harder to accomplish in comparison to new crates reiterating on the same pool of items.


Change Logs

  • Player Mines
    • Mine Expansions
    • Selectable Mine Schematics
    • Tiered & Upgradable Mine Factories
    • Autominer
  • Enriched Leveling XP Mine Blocks
  • Enricher Enchant
  • Warzone Mine
  • Celestial Enchant Changes
  • Improved 2FA System
  • Bug Fixes
  • 55% Off Sale


Player Mines
Everyone in S12 will receive a personal mine of their own. These mines are the replacement for regular warped mines (Hence they are gone!). With such changes, comes the possibility of many new experiences that was once not a possibility.


  • Preview

This is close to 5 months of work alone! Hopefully you guys enjoy the PMine Features. In depth description is down below


  • Mine Expansions

With the recode of how mines work, we've now added a Mine Expansion progression system. Allowing you to upgrade your PMine Size up to 55x55 (at P5)! Bigger mine sizes means greater Leveling XP earned from JackHammer, and allows for more players to mine on your pmine


  • Mine Factories

Mine Factories is a feature that allows you to change and upgrade the contents of the mine! Every 10 Mining Levels, you will unlock a new Mine Factory. Every new factory gives you better Leveling XP Block chances, allowing a faster gain of Mining XP.


Mine Factories also comes in Tiers! The higher the tier, the better Leveling XP Block chances. Every tier upgrade requires Blocks Mined in the factory type, Money, Tokens and occasionally Pickaxe Energy


  • Selectable Mine Schematics!

Select your preferred Mine Schematic through the Mine Schematic GUI. You can replace your current mine's look with anything you'd like (That you have unlocked). Certain mine schematics gives you additional buffs (Such as for donor mines, an Obsidian Buff to receive obisidan blocks in the mine). The system we've coded leaves space for potential limited edition mines to be added for everyone to use! Or even community made builds.


  • PMine Built-in Autominer

Autominer has been fully recoded and built into PMines! AM Shards and everything else remains the same as S11. Leaving the PMine or not holding a pickaxe will automatically disable the Autominer.



  • PMine Members System

All player mines are private by default. Meaning no one can access nor mine on your PMine. As of release, Public PMines will not be a thing yet (This will come 1 week into the season). You can though add up to 3 player accounts to your PMine. They will be able to build on the surrounding area, and break blocks in the mine.
/pmine trust/add | /pmine untrust/remove


  • PMine Settings

PMines will have a settings panel where you will be able to set things like: Members can edit surroundings, whether public can visit warp etc. There will also be a settings system for amount of tax charged to public miners, and whether tax applies to members of mine. These features will be out together with the Public Mines update (Week 1).

  • PMine Boosters

This is a feature yet to come! Expect unusual boosters that could... Potentially affect Mine Composition blocks temporarily??? Token Boosters?? Mine Expanding Boosters???? These will be out on Week 2's Update. Stay tuned


Enriched Leveling XP Mine Blocks
As previously mentioned briefly in the PMine Factories, S12 brings in a new concept of variated Mining XP gained from ores! Normally, you'd receive 1 Base Leveling XP (/level) per block mined. In S12:
- Coal Ore gives 1.1x Leveling XP/block
- Iron Ore gives 1.15x Leveling XP/block
- Gold Ore gives 1.2x Leveling XP/block
- Diamond Ore gives 1.3x Leveling XP/block
- Emerald Ore gives 1.4x Leveling XP/block
- Diamond Block gives 1.65x Leveling XP/block
- Emerald Block gives 2.0x Leveling XP/block


NEW Enricher Enchant
Together with the new Ore's XP features, brings a new enchant to the server! Enchanting your pickaxe with Enricher gives you a small chance to enrich ores in the surrounding. This enchant gets exponentially better at later levels currently (We may rebalance the enchant as needed). Radius of enrichment varies depending on Enricher Enchant Level.

(Whats shown above is Enricher Level 5000, with "for illustration purpose" high activation rate) Note actual activation chances are MUCH MUCH rarer than this. Its a rare occurrence!


Warzone Mine
Bringing a new concept to life, the warzone mine is a mine that provides an insane amount of Emerald Blocks, Diamond Blocks etc giving you extremely high leveling XP gained potential. Warzone mine has Keep Inventory true, meaning you will not lose your items when you die in the mine. 


(Using a beautiful new build made by VD_Wei)


Entering the Warzone Mine requires a ticket. This ticket can be received once a day after surpassing Mining Level 40.


Upon entry to the Warzone Mine, you receive a 1Minute Invincibility timer. After that is over, you can start to take damage in the mine. Amount of damage received by players attacking you increases the longer you stay in the warzone mine. You can see the % Amplified on your scoreboard


S12 Celestial Enchant Changes 
With the feedback from last season, people were able to progress too quickly using the Celestial enchants too early into the game. As such, from this season onwards there is now a max level you can apply to your pickaxe depending on Mining Prestige.

Max Level Applicable:
P0 - Tier I
P1 - Tier II
P2 - Tier III
P3 - Tier IV & V

This will help lengthen the celestial enchant progression on the server.


New 2FA System (Google Auth)
We have updated our /2FA command to now use a proper authentication device rather than act as a second password. All players are now able to setup 2FA on their accounts by running /2fa, and use apps like Google Authenticator, Authy & others on their mobile phone.


Bug Fixes
Fixed gang invite limit (Finally)


55% OFF Sale
There is now a 55% Off Sale on the server store lasting until 6th November 2021. 


S11 Leveling Top Rewards
1st Place - Lunaryss (Reached Prestige 28, Level 99), Receive $100 Giftcard Value
2nd Place - zyzy (Reached Prestige 24, Level 96), Receive $75 Giftcard Value|
3rd Place - WrathTzy (Reached Prestige 18, Level 99), Receive $60 Giftcard Value


S11 Gang Top Rewards
1st Place - Dark (Gang Level 182, Blocks Mined: 1.68Billion), Receive $300 Giftcard Value
2nd Place - Hydra (Gang Level 152, Blocks Mined: 1.28Billion), Receive $250 Giftcard Value
3rd Place - BLMKIDS (Gang Level 91, Blocks Mined: 438Million), Receive $150 Giftcard Value

Excel Sheet

Gang Leaders please message me in person to modify the percentages distributed to Leaders, Officers and Members.
All members can dm me personally to claim their GTop /giftcard value

And that's all!
Hope you guys enjoy this season! Let us know of any suggestions you may have through #request channel on our server discord.

Server Links:
Server IP: (1.8-1.15.2)


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