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Stompy (no_no_square)
Started by Stompy

Name : Ryan

Age : 17-18

Country : Singapore 

Hobby : Volleyball/Darts

Short Description About Yourself : Im a Student studying business, I have been apart of vortex since 2017 and im back this time as a forum manager. Have been this position in many other servers for a pretty long time. You can say Forums is my home, im trying my best to make vortex forums an active place where people can bring up random topics such as , Favourite Games? Favourite Drinks? Favourite Staff Member? This place is for everyone in the community to talk about stuff and of course make friends. If u need someone to talk to , i am your guy. 


Side note : ItzMyTurnz, Coolfire and Despawning are smelly

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About 1 year ago