Prisons S11 released!
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Prisons Season V11.0.2 | DROP PARTY, Previews, /music, + 50% OFF
Started by Coolfire02

Prisons V11.0.2 Update
Season 11 of Prisons. (Crate Previews, /music, buffs + 50% OFF)


Change Logs

  • Crate Previews
  • Auto Advancer
  • Pickaxe Statistics
  • Celestials Buff
  • Jukebox /music Added


Crate Previews
We've coded an internal framework to make Item Previews 100x easier than how it is currently. All "Preview Items" can now be automated to the most optimal extent. This has allowed us to finally enable crate previews. This system will allow us to better create preview systems for all other non-legacy features on our server! (This took more time than I would've liked ngl)


Auto Advancer
As you gain sufficient money to advance, you can automatically upgrade your advancement level by enabling auto advancer in /advancement.


Pickaxe Statistics
You can now view the pickaxe's base fortune statistics whenever you right-click your pickaxe. Base Fortune is the "Original" value of Fortune on your pickaxe, while the one you see in the lore of pickaxes can be buffed depending on your Boosts or enchants activated. 


Celestials Buff
You can now receive more Level 1 celestial with also slightly higher percentages. This buff has been applied to keys


Jukebox added /music
A heavily requested feature, You can now play music by running /music. Current options for music is really small, feel free to suggest songs in #requests on discord.



Regarding quests, earlier we've tried reenabling them with a fix, seems to have crashed the server a few times... Not really sure what to do about the situation at this point. Also, I'd like to address the things about prisons lacking new game features, I just wanna say that at least I, feel that I've hit a wall when it comes to ideating and planning new features. Usually in the past, what I'd do is just code anything I felt like doing. But recently I've just not been able to come up with much nor have the strongest motivation to code actual features and instead I seem to have more motivation to code utilities for the server. Hopefully the motivation to work on features comes back soon, but at least for now I'll be working on a lot more QOL updates as well, they seriously wouldn't be done if I start focusing hard on features again. Do expect a feature coming out within the next two weeks though. Hope you guys do understand!


Drop Party [16th Jan, 10:30pm SGT]
We will be holding a MASSIVE DropParty for reaching our Donation Goal on the store last month! This drop party will be held on the 16th of January, Saturday 10:30pm SGT / 10:30am EST. A Countdown timer will start on our MOTD a few days closer to the drop party.


IP: VortexNetwork.Me
Store (50% Lasts for the next week!)

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