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Community Update #1 - Forums Officially Revived.
Started by Coolfire02

Vortex Network | Community Update #1
We're finally reviving our forums. More info in the post below

Change Logs

  • Forums Redesign
  • Server Announcement Changes
  • New Login System (Login with In-Game User & Pass)
  • What else is moving to the Forums
  • What to expect in Community Update #2


Forums Massively Redesigned
We have changed our entire forum design completely, with a new professional theme and interface. Check it out by roaming around the forums!


Server Announcement Changes
All feature updates and official announcements will be migrated over to here. You will still see an announcement in #announcements on discord for every post that is made here through the discord webhook so no worries regarding missing announcements! This change will also allow us to include nicer screenshots for each feature, allowing you to preview and visualize them as you go through feature lists.


Login System Redesigned
This is one of our proudest changes, you can now log into the Forums with your In-Game Username, with your In-Game password.
User: In-game name
Password: In-game password

/premium users will be able to use /setprempass to set their password to whatever they wish to, so they can log into the forums with it.


What is moving to forums
All feature updates and official announcements are moved over as mentioned earlier. The other three items that will be moved over will be: Ban AppealsPlayer Reports, and Server Rules will be officially shifted over. Every other mode for doing these will be deprecated and discontinued eventually. As of now, we strongly encourage everyone to use the Forums for these.


A New Forums Manager!
I'd like to introduce our new Forums Manager @Stompy! He will be in charge of managing ban applications, player reports etc. You will for sure see him active on the Forums as he stands as the Forums Manager. Do welcome him! :)


What to expect in Community #2
We will be implementing a bunch of new things to our discord including: A Leveling system, Server leaderboards, & much more. Stay tuned for this update!

This whole update was made possible with desp's efforts. It is some really exciting progress!
Also, I do hope everyone's having a great night, and I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Cheers to a better year ahead!
A list of Prisons Updates will be released tomorrow during New Years. Stay tuned for it!

Everything Else
The server store is still running a 60% OFF Sale until the 4th of January 2021.

The Developmental Team of Vortex Network

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