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Prestige Bug
Started by Jokester1704

I just messaged Coolfire02 on Discord about this but I was Prestige 21 [Free] and had acquired enough to Prestige. I auctioned it off just like I do every other time and then did /prestige. It said my balance was reset to 10,000 and I am currently P21 [A]. I don't know why my prestige didn't go up but I just lost 750 billion so if you could help me out that would be awesome. You can see in the images where I was Prestige 21 and then did /prestige and was still P21. You can also check the logs for further proof.

This is when I was P21 [Free]

This is proof that I prestiged and was still P21 as you can see when I sent a message.

I also have video proof that I did execute the /prestige command and did prestige.

Here is the video proof.

Over 3 years ago
Known bug- It shows p21 (it's supposed to show p22), however it will skip to p23 after you prestige. Only a display/typo bug.
Over 3 years ago